TDS Hero

A complete Life Saver Plugin For Mobile Developers. Fix all errors related to Play Store upload and provide additional blueprints for game-building

TDS Hero plugin Features

Live Saver Plugin For Mobile Game Developers

Problem Fix!

Android 12+ Strogae Permission Issues Fix

Android 13 + 14 API Support Fix

Google Billing Issues 6.0 – 7.0 Updated Billing Issues Fix

Google Admob Permission issues Fix

Internal & External Storage issues fix for save game

All Blueprints

App Screen

Showcase Your Best App Screen

How to use the plugin?

Install the plugin on the project, By enabling the fix model auto-open, You don’t have to do anything more. We also provided extra blueprints, Which help you to develop the game. For under the use, you can check the video

Plugin Video

Get how to use the blueprints

The engine version does not matter for this plugin, We provided All Engine Supports

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