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TDSHeros Plugin is a comprehensive solution for Unreal Engine users that provides graphics enhancement capabilities, development aides, integration with Google AdMob, and an updated billing SDK


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 Youtube : Tutorial Video Available : Yes 

Example : Documents : Yes 

Plugin Blueprint Code Use Guide : Yes 

Please Note to get this advance features you need to verify . 

How I can Verify ? 

Very simple Just go to the epic plugin review page and give a review , Also please add your discord ID on the text , Then take a screen short and send us on our discord group or in your email Note : Dont not write discord verify or verifaction , Please just give a good review Here is link Discord Group : Tec Dev Stuido Link

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The TDSHeros Plugin is a potent utility designed to enhance the Unreal Engine’s graphics capabilities and provide development assistance. This plugin allows players to personalize their gaming experience by providing a variety of options for tweaking and optimizing the graphics settings. TDSHeros Plugin enables players to customize their visual experience by altering visual effects, rendering parameters, and performance.
Graphics Enhancement: The TDSHeros Plugin enables players to improve their gaming graphics by providing a variety of options for modifying and enhancing visual settings. Players have complete control over the visual aesthetics of their games, from modifying illumination and shadows to fine-tuning post-processing effects.
The TDSHeros Plugin streamlines the game development process for programmers. It provides a collection of useful utilities, such as diagnostic tools, performance analysis, and asset management, to increase productivity and efficiency. These features enable developers to rapidly identify and resolve issues, resulting in shorter iteration cycles and more efficient development workflows.
Google AdMob Integration: The plugin integrates Google AdMob seamlessly, enabling game developers to monetize their games by incorporating advertisements. With the updated SDK, game developers can simply implement a variety of ad formats, such as banner ads, interstitial ads, and rewarded ads, and generate revenue from their games.
By providing an updated billing SDK, TDSHeros Plugin stays abreast of the latest developments in the billing ecosystem. This ensures that developers can effectively implement in-app purchases and monetization features, while also providing players with a seamless user experience.
Support for Android 12+: This plugin addresses compatibility issues with Android 12 and later, ensuring that Unreal Engine games can be deployed seamlessly on the most recent Android versions. TDSHeros Plugin offers complete support for the most recent features and functionalities introduced in Android 12, enabling developers to reach a larger audience on Android devices.

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